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My newest deviations :la:

Also, pretty much anything on this account before 2014 is old.



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

sloth | ♀ | digital artist | ♋

Hello! :la: I'm Rainwolfy, you can call me Rain or Wolfy if you want. x3 I also use the username Rufistar a lot in other sites. I'm just an amateur artist who posts some of their stuff on here. I mostly do traditional and digital drawings (though I mainly upload the digital ones). I also make sculptures sometimes but never post those either (though I should..).

I like cats, dinosaurs, dragons, Moonstuck, blueberry muffins, books, and lots more. I currently over-obsess about Doctor Who, Sherlock, and the Hunger Games.

Big thanks to anyone who watches, favs, comments, or gives a llama! :hug: Seriously, I appreciate it all.

My ID was made by ProfessorLucario9 , go check out her awesome art! :aww:

And my avatar was made by the lovely RoyaITea.

Art Status

• Art Trades: Ask me, usually yes
• Requests: Closed (unless you're a friend)
• Point Commissions: Open, ask me

Small FAQ

• What do you use?
I use Photoshop CS6 and a wacom intuos5 tablet for my digital drawings.
Traditonal art is mostly pencils, pigma inking markers, and prismacolor color pencils.

• How do you get good at art?
Practice. No one is born with the sudden ability to draw, you just get good by drawing often all the time. Keep a sketchbook, doodle when you're bored, I guarantee that with practice your skills will improve! If you want proof, look at the various redraws or "Draw it again!" memes on dA!

• Can you draw my character?
Sorry, I don't take requests. I am taking art trades or commissions (400 points or so; I can draw ponies, characters, or any other animals!), don't hesitate to ask! c:

• Can I draw your OC?
Of course! ;o; I absolutely love to see fan art of any kind, no matter how bad you think you are at drawing.

• Do you like cheese?
If cheese were to disappear the entire human population would crumble.

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